How to beat the post-travel syndrome

If you guys are traveling, you probably lived that situation.

The post-travel feeling appear few days after you cameback home from an awesome trip.

I think the hardest part is to get that, nothing as change since you left. Your furniture is at the same place, your job is still bored and your neighborhood is still a killer vibe kind of dude. But you! You’ve change a lot, you feel that you really grew up. You try to talk to your family and friends about your trip but you feel that they will never understand what you’ve really lived.

But how you’re supposed to come out of this? Here’s my tips to get back on earth.

  • Before your depearture, get a plan for when you’ll get back

Let’s admit it! it’s not easy to get back to our old routine. Yersterday it was, morning surf session, hike in the jungle in the afternoon, fireworks on the beach at night and tomorrow it will be work, study, sleep!

So the  »comeback project » is a good way to soften the impact. For me, it was to let my appartment and go far away for a new job with one of my best friend. But I could be anything, start running, writting, helping people… The only thing is that, you need to really want it!

  • To remember your trip

Some people will say that is like living in the past, I would say that it’s a good way for you to remember that even you’ve live moment like you were in a dream, well, i wasn’t a dream. Read you travel journal, watch your picture and of course, stay in touch with all these awesome persons you’ve met during the trip. You’ll maybe feel like it’s only them that can really understand what you guys lived together. Take facebook & Skype account and if it comes to that, go visit them in their country, why not!

  • Speak with your good friends, especialy the ones that travel

your friends that travel a lot knows exactly what you are living today, event if you think they don’t, they do! Enjoy time with them and don’t be scare to tell them how you feel. Your best friends will always be able to make you feel that life is amazing even if you’re not playing Ukulele barefoot at Bondie Beach.

  • Realize what you’ve learn from your trip

Maybe while you were traveling, you swore to change life when you’ll return to your country. But oops! When you’re back, all these plans seems impossible & absurd. No matter what, the decisions you’ve made at one’s leisure, is probably the most rational decisions you’ve ever made.

  • See the positive side

Be honest, you don’t have to complain. After all, you lived an awesome trip, you’ve met awesome people, you discovered a lot of things on the world and on yourself. And maybe you can’t share all this with the people you love but, I want you to realize that these moments that you’ve lived were real and the fact that you keep it for yourself, in your heart, make them way magical!

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”



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